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How to market to Generation Z?

On 22, Mar 2016 | No Comments | In Business, Social Media, Technology | By admin

Tips for Marketing to Generation Z!


The millennial demographic is composed of individuals who reached adulthood sometime around the year 2000. Generation Z is composed of individuals born after that time, a loosely defined demographic composed of those in their early teens to those in their mid-twenties. This young demographic exhibits unique characteristics, and specific marketing techniques are required to effectively engage it. Today on Podium, we cover some tips for marketing to Generation Z.

The eldest Generation Z members are now aged 18 to 23, entering college and the workforce. They are financing more of their own brand and purchasing decisions and experimenting with new products. One important aspect of Generation Z is its lack of brand loyalty. The products themselves are more important to Generation Z than the brands that produce them, and these consumers will change brands easily in search of higher quality. Also, Generation Z is extremely likely to share opinions on purchased products through social media, posting both positive and negative reviews.

Social media is a great way to reach out to Generation Z, but that outreach must be customized to appeal to the demographic. Facebook is currently losing a significant portion of its under-18 users. Many of these users have converted to Facebook-owned Instagram. Running Instagram-specific promotional campaigns is a good way to directly reach out to Generation Z. Instagram recently added support for videos up to 15 seconds in length, creating an interesting opportunity for promotional video campaigns on the network.

To really capture the attention of Generation Z, campaigns should span multiple social networks and other outreach mediums. Generation Z is composed of multitasking individuals — 84 percent of Generation Z members browse an Internet-connected device while watching TV. These individuals experiment with new social networks and technologies frequently. The marketing campaigns that will best engage Generation Z are those that increase product awareness through a variety of mediums. Headphone company Beats by Dr. Dre launched a campaign (#showyourcolor) that used social media, television, celebrity endorsement and physical materials to reach Generation Z. As a result of the campaign, Beats by Dr. Dre increased its Facebook likes by 1.7 million, its Instagram followers by 76 percent, and its YouTube subscribers by 57 percent.

As the youngest generation, Generation Z will define the immediate future of consumer behavior. Companies that learn how to market to these individuals now will be better poised to continue engaging with them in the coming years, and will remain on the forefront of social media and online technology by monitoring Generation Z’s habits.





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