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Happy Birthday Facebook!

On 04, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In Business, Social Media | By admin

Facebook celebrated its ninth birthday Monday. The site that started in a Harvard University dorm room has now connected more than 1 billion users from all around the world.simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

Facebook, as we all know, was originally intended to bring college students together. Up until a few years ago, you had to have an .edu email address and attend an Ivy League school to join what was then called TheFacebook. On Feb. 9, 2004, the Harvard Crimson published a story about the launch of this new site.

Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told The Crimson that he wanted TheFacebook to be a fun experience:I’m not going to sell anybody’s email address. At one point, I thought about making the website so that you could upload a résumé, too, and for a fee, companies could search for Harvard job applicants. But I don’t want to touch that. It would make everything more serious and less fun.
BuzzFeed published a list of the first 25 users on Facebook (Zuckerberg is actually No. 4, but the three preceding accounts were just used for testing), which included Dustin Moskovitz and Olympian Samyr Laine.Some brands are taking this time to toast Facebook’s birthday. Swiss luxury watch maker Raymond Weil gave its Facebook page a redesign, showing how important moments in Facebook’s own timeline corresponded to the brand’s breakthroughs.Readers: What has been your favorite Facebook innovation?



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